*watching Bones season 4*
*hears voice*
…wait i know that voice…






Della: The basics I guess?
Addi: Basically, our parents are our teachers. They just taught us the simple things like math, spelling.
Della: Reading and writing.
Addi: Ya don’t need calculus when you’re on Pandora, ya know?
Della: They also had to teach us stuff in Na’vi including their 8 number math system.
Addi: Cause they only have four fingers. *snickers*

Addi: Usually when we break something. Then we just blame it on the boys. 

Della: I like those purple ones. Mantis somethings. Only thing is they’re huge and always have bugs on them.
Addi: I like banshees of paradise cause they can kill.
Della: Pretty much all the plants on Pandora can kill…
Addi: Yeah but banshees shoot -darts-. Okay fine those helicordians they make a funny sound…they don’t shoot darts though…

Ya know what my body is ready for? 

Avatar 2

Ya know what my body is not ready for?


Yall just wait til the 2nd movie comes out then it’ll be like gas to a flame for this fandom >:C My body is ready.



*I’m starting to forget I’m even in this fandom

whoop whoop*))


1: Dogs, cats or neither?
2: What’s one thing you hate that everyone loves?
3: If you had to bathe in anything that wasn’t water, what would it be?
4: If you had to get a physical tomorrow, how would you feel?
5: If you could snap your fingers and become fluent in a foreign language, which one would it be?
6: Have you ever been called a creep?
7: Which do you prefer, paper books or kindle?
8: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on TV?
9: Do you keep any of your hobbies a secret?
10: Would you say you spend too much time on the internet?
11: If you had to delete your tumblr and set up a similar profile somewhere else, which website would you choose?
12: If you had the power of flight, how would you use it?
13: Do you remember anything that creeped you out as a small child?
14: Have you ever been lost as an adult?
15: What’s one thing you can do that few other people can do as well?
16: What is your opinion on shy people?
17: When was the last time your parents or guardians scolded you for your table manners?
18: Would you say you have expensive tastes?
19: Have you ever seen something on tumblr that deeply offended you?
20: How is your handwriting?
21: What’s your favorite food group?
22: What’s your favorite color?
23: What kind of blog theme draws you in?
24: How would you describe your sense of humor?
25: When was the last time you had lots of fun?
26: What was your favorite time in your past?
27: Would you say you have a good memory?
28: Hot weather or cold weather?
29: Are you more cutesy, or more hardcore?
30: Do you collect anything?

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